Paid Pty Ltd

When dealing with people – especially where money is concerned – customer service is imperative. The Paid team can take the emotion out of the money equation with your credit contract payment collection. Paids’ easy to talk to team members have the knowledge and the patience to ensure positive interaction with clients on both sides of the credit equation.

To ensure timely and efficient collection of funds Paid uses a specialist Direct Debit Company that maintains a complete record of collected funds as well as rejections to back up the statements Paid issues for your particular contract.

Issuing statements to your clients is a must with credit contracts and recommended on non-credit contracts. Having the correct timing and format for these statements is a breeze and if there are changes, Paids’ legal advisors are right there to keep your client reporting on the right path.

When handling ‘other people’s money’ Paids’ job is to ensure everyone gets what is ‘due’ to them. So, Paid handles the collection of payments for you as well as the regular reporting to either the lender/owner/JV partner, or all three. You just let us know where the funds are to go each month and Paid makes it happen, then sends a report out to the interested parties to keep them in the loop. It doesn’t matter who the reports and statements are going to, they have a proper format that complies with the various legislations.

Paid – your full service choice for you credit and non-credit agreements.


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